Dear conference delegates,

First and foremost, we hope you are all well and in good health. As there are currently a lot of uncertainties presenting in the world, we thought it was good to touch base with you about the upcoming EFPC conference. At the moment our plan is to continue to organize the conference for September 27th-29th in Ljubljana. Since the healthcare sector is facing especially high demand, we will be postponing the abstract deadlines until June 15th. After this, we are hoping to review these abstracts in early July. Our early bird registration for the conference will also be pushed to August 1st. It is hard to predict how these next few months will go and plans for the conference may have to change depending on what is happening with the pandemic. We will keep you updated as we learn what our next steps will be. In the meantime, we thank you for your contributions and work in healthcare during these pressing times and we wish you strength.


The #EFPC2020 Organizing Committee

Empowering Primary Care through Diversity

The EFPC association is happy to announce its’ 2020 annual conference with a focus on diversity. This links to the diverse society we live in but also to many other aspects of life and health care in particularly. A diverse society requires different approaches in care provision and a wide range of professionals who can work with people from all over the world. Each individual who presents him/herself at Primary Care level brings his/her own experiences, goals and motives. Hence, presenting one disease results automatically in different perspectives and each patient needs a different approach. Searching for different approaches leads us already for many years to interesting new techniques in care provision like using art, sports or cooking. The same is valid when we try to teach or convince colleagues in the way we can provide care for patients. Just the one direction approach is very limited and will not have the same effect as when we use different approaches.

The EFPC membership in itself is diverse and to celebrate this we are going to highlight this wonderful feature of our association. Join us to take advantage of this diverse group of people and share your stories with us which are most probably different from those of everybody else.

Your uniqueness is the diversity at our #EFPC 2020 Ljubljana conference!

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