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EFPC Newsflash 8 | Greener Primary Care, EU4Health programme, COVID-19 & The Role of Primary Care in Peru, Kenya, Pakistan, USA, Long COVID and Health Inequities: The Role of Primary Care and more! READ MORE


Greener Primary Care


Greener Primary Care By Pim de Graaf Does Primary Care have a big environmental footprint? Do we produce much waste and CO2 emissions? Do we use much energy, more than necessary? I suspect we have no data. There are data for the health system as a whole, though, as the Health care climate footprint [...]

Greener Primary Care2021-04-13T13:11:10+00:00



EFPC Newsflash 7 | EFPC WG on long/post-COVID, EFPC lunch webinar on Prison Health, Vaccine Equity Declaration, EMA & UNESCO calls, Teleconsultation in PC in Catalonia, Primary Care in Costa-Rica and more! READ MORE


Webinar Cases of Primary Care in closed settings/prisons | 07/04/21


EFPC lunch webinar: Prison Health Working Group 7 April 12.30 CET The EFPC will be hosting the Webinar "Cases of Primary Care in closed settings/prisons" next 7th of April, at 12:30h (CET). With the objective to collect obstacles in providing primary care in closed settings and released detainees;  next steps for improvement. [...]

Webinar Cases of Primary Care in closed settings/prisons | 07/04/212021-03-25T09:53:40+00:00



EFPC Newsflash 6 | EFPC Survey, confirmed key-notes Bergen conference, Vaccine equity statement, Mental Health Care at Community level, Medical professionalism and the impact of COVID-19 and more! READ MORE


WFPHA Press Release


WFPHA Press Release: Coalition of International NGOs Call for Equitable Access for Vaccines and Treatment during COVID-19 Pandemic Around the world, governments are struggling to find ways to work together and control the spread of COVID-19. The virus does not recognize national boundaries. Rather, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated long-standing health disparities between and [...]

WFPHA Press Release2021-03-04T09:10:23+00:00



EFPC Newsflash 5 | Health inequalities Portal, Community Health Workers in the US, Georgia’s PC experience during COVID-19, Spain’s primary healthcare&COVID-19 and more! READ MORE




EFPC Newsflash 4 | OECD on primary health care at the frontline, COVID-19 vaccines & Equity, 25 years EMA engagement with Health Care professionals, Primary Care & the Pandemic in Colombia and more! READ MORE


Call to Action! On Routine and Life-Course Immunization in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic


A call to action for global, European and national stakeholders and governments to strengthen pandemic preparedness and responsiveness by taking a life- course immunization (LCI) approach which will expand access to vaccines, improve uptake, and ensure optimal protection of all populations. Life-course immunization can contribute to healthier, more productive, and longer lives, which enhances the sustainability of healthcare systems. [...]

Call to Action! On Routine and Life-Course Immunization in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic2021-02-11T07:58:35+00:00
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