A joint effort of the EFPC secretariat and the EFPC Board members Peter Groenewegen and Danica Rotar has resulted in a response to the European Commission and its' Expert Panel on Effective Ways of Investing in Health on the Public Consultation on the preliminary opinion on the ‘Competition among Health Care Providers in the European Union – Investigating Policy Options’.

The EFPC has just issued their response to the Institute of Health Equity consultation on Improving Health Literacy for Health Equity.

The response was prepared by Maria van den Muijsenbergh of the Dutch member, Pharos. After a short endorsement process with our members, a few additional suggestions were made from our Italian and French members which has resulted in the following two documents.

"Primary Health Care at the Crossroads in Service Delivery, Research and Policy Development", is the title of the lecture series given at the University of Antwerp by Prof Jan De Maeseneer, chairman of the Department of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care at Ghent University.

A Finnish student, Suvi Ristolainen, writes her Master’s Thesis about Health Literacy among primary health care personnel in Europe.
Please respond to her invitation to be part of an expert panel to carry out a validation study ( Delphi study). The aim is to conduct the Delphi through 2-3 rounds within February and March by circulating the list of competences, which you will be asked to rate online. Please let her know about your availability the latest by Friday 27th of February (deadline extended).