Healthcare leaders from 30 countries recently gathered at KPMG's global healthcare conference to discuss transformation.
The report "Staying Power, success stories in global healthcare" presents the key insights from KPMG’s global healthcare conference of 65 healthcare leaders from 30 countries engaged in peer-to-peer discussions on effective strategies for successful healthcare transformation.

"The World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) has organized the first edition of the international congress : MENTAL HEALTH FOR ALL. The congress will take place at Lille Grand Palais, France, from 28 to 30 April 2015, and will focus on integrating Mental Health into Primary Care with a global perspective and also reflect the WHO Global Mental Health action plan and a matching platform between professionals (GP and Psychiatrist) and interaction with the general public."

EFPC has send a clear response to DG Connect to invest also in Research connected to Primary Care which should lead to more communication between Primary Care research, policy making and practice via a network dedicated for this goal which will improve access, equity and the comprehensiveness of health care provision. Not much "high tech innovations", just facilitating key experts to get in touch with fellow experts in Europe, including Central & Eastern European countries.