Prof. Jan De Maeseneer, MD, PhD., EFPC president and chairman Department of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care and Vice-Dean Strategic Planning, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (Ghent University – Belgium) received this morning in Thailand at the occasion of the Prince Mahidol Award Conference a "Special Award for Excellence in Health Professional Education”.

European Commission Decision C (2013)8631 of 10 December 2013.
With some interesting paragraphs, for example on

-page 33: PHC 23 – 2014: Developing and comparing new models for safe and efficient, prevention oriented health and care system and

-page 34: PHC 24 – 2015: Piloting personalised medicine in health and care systems.

Do you see opportunities for yourself to develop research, for example into international studies on primary care innovation and do you want to get in contact with possible partners, please post a message below (first login with your member login details; if forgotten send the EFPC secretariat a message) to make clear to other members what is your interest and with what kind of research partners you would like to establish contact.

The EFPC is very pleased to announce the membership of two new Premium Members, Public Health School Graz from Austria and FIMMG from Italy supporting the EFPC is the coming year to become even more effective in their activities in the exchange of expertise in Primary Care oriented Health Systems and doing a shared advocacy for Community Oriented Primary Care.

The EFPC is happy to announce that it has been accepted by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The Agency engages with healthcare professionals via a network of over 20 European healthcare professionals’ organisations. This ensures that the Agency has direct contact with a wide range of healthcare professionals representing the needs and concerns of healthcare professionals across Europe. Together with members, the EFPC will explore its’ possibilities to influence the work of the EMA from a Primary Care and Community oriented approach.