EFPC Fifth Bi-annual conference "Twinning Population Health and Primary Care"; University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain; September 1/2, 2014

Presentations as they were given by key-note speakers, workshops, debates and multimedia presentations including a wonderful short summary video of 50 seconds! Please disseminate!

Based on the real life example of the Community Health Centre "The Botermarkt" in Ghent, Belgium, Prof Jan De Maeseneer presented for a large and high level audience the basic concepts of the CHC movement.

Please check the presentation "35 years of implementation of the Alma-Ata Declaration!" as it was presented on the 6th of November in Almaty, Kazakhstan at the WHO conference 35th anniversary of the Alma-Ata Declaration on Primary Health Care.

International Journal of Integrated Care Vol 13, EFPC Istanbul Conference Supplement 2013

With all abstracts related to the integration of primary care & secondary care including the key-note abstracts, planned workshops and research & policy abstracts.

Thanks to the abstracts authors, Matthijs van Maanen and to the IJIC editorial team for all their efforts!

EFPC representatives have been present all over Europe to emphasize the importance for investment in Community Oriented Primary Care with great success: