Primary Care in Romania

An update on the Primary Care in Romania with clear concerns for example: GP's have a series of restrictions in prescribing drugs, indicating further test and referring patients which make the work of GP’s difficult and are increasing the health care expenditures. Read the full column!

EFPC Istanbul conference, the results!
With 160 delegates from 30 countries the EFPC Istanbul conference, co-organized with TAHEV (Turkish Foundation of Family Medicine), can be called a success! Please find all presentations at the conference webpage and read the full conference summary!

European Launch of the International Federation of Community Health Centres

EFPC; Istanbul, 10 September 2013

Improving health and primary health care around the world through Community Health Centres

Dear EFPC members,
Please be informed about the intended changes in the governance structure of the EFPC association which have been agreed by the current EFPC executive board:  the size of the Executive Board will be reduced and an Advisory Board will be installed. These changes are needed to create a more effective and at the same time a more lean structure. It will limit the burden of administrative supervision and allow the EFPC to connect better with funding organizations through a focused Executive Board and a wider Advisory Board. Ideally, the latter comprises representation of the different professional groups, research and policy within Primary Care and a fine geographical, gender and age-related distribution.
The General Assembly will be asked to approve changes to the Statutes accordingly. A number of current Executive Board member will shift to the Advisory Board. The precise changes will be communicated in time before and during the General Assembly, as well as the transition arrangements.