Dear EFPC members,

Herewith the agenda for our first General Assembly which will take place at the 4th of September from 13.30 till 14.15 in the Auditorium of the World Cultural Museum in Gothenburg. The appendixes will be send to you in due time.

We hope to see many of you at the meeting.

Best wishes on behalf of the EFPC Board and secretariat,

Diederik Aarendonk

Primary Care in Norway Latest EFPC member column on Norway and its health reform aiming at better coordination of the health care services, both between primary and secondary care, and within each level of care. EFPC member columns are to promote the work of our members and exchange more ideas and are positioned between an article and a blog: starting from an interesting and scientific base, so that it is taken seriously, but not as official and bound by formats and other criteria as for an official scientific article.

For the first time 9 MEPs, 65 leading trade unions, civil society organisations, health organisations, and industry associations have united in an open letter calling on European leaders to stop cutting essential health and welfare systems and focus on ordinary people living in Europe coping with the dire impact of a financial crisis of which they are the first victims. The toll on physical and mental health is becoming unbearable, and health systems are at breaking point.

Today we issued our EFPC response, endorsed by our membership, which we hope will make Primary Care more visible in the way WHO wants to monitor NCDs and Health Systems reacting to the NCD epidemic.

EFPC highlights two major aspects which were not present in the framework yet:
1. To include in the framework the recognition of the importance of multi-morbidity and challenging the WHO to work on outcome targets in relation to the multi-morbidity problem.
2. To mention clearly within the chapter on "Policy reviews" the role of Primary Care when it comes to surveillance of NCDs and the available capacity of health systems to deal with NCDs.