Dear Friends on the EFPC,

Thank you all for a wonderful conference in Riga and for your support in my transition to the Chair of EFPC. I feel honoured and privileged to take on the mantel from Jan. EFPC has achieved so much under his leadership in the last 10 years and I hope I can provide the leadership and fresh perspectives that this change will bring.

During the next 12 months there will be a period of transition where I hope we will strengthen our relationships and start to build our future strategy. I am looking forward immensely to working with you all! I wish you all well in your future endeavours and hope you will continue as members of EFPC.

Thanks again so much for the opportunity, Sally Kendall

Dear EFPC members,

I am delighted to be on board of this new adventure. I am Diana and from the 1st of September of 2016, I will be supporting the EFPC team as a Junior Project Coordinator.
I am fortunate to have the chance to introduce myself in the annual meeting in Riga to all of you that will be attending. I look forward to meet you soon whenever the opportunity arrives. I am passionate for international health and health systems in transition where I believe primary care plays definitely a key role. Consequently, I feel very lucky to have this new challenge ahead and the opportunity to be part of a great team.

The main aims of the EFPC Working Group on Young Primary Care Experts are:
1. To represent young primary care experts in the EFPC; and
2. To contribute to the EFPC working groups dedicated to specific sub-themes in relation to Primary Care
This group provides you the chance to become peers across professional and sectoral boundaries at a young age and early stage in their career!

Dear EFPC members,

For the upcoming EFPC General Assembly in Riga on the 4th of September we would like to invite members to come up with nominations for Advisory Board membership for the next 3 years. Deadline to respond: 12 August.

Three Advisory Board members, Niro Siriwardena, Giorgio Visentin and Marije Bolt have informed us to end their availability for different reasons. We thank them all for their devoted time and energy for the Forum.