The EFPC joins forces with over 40 organisations for asking the European Comission President Jean Claude Juncker to do More for health in Europe. This petition comes after the President presented a White Paper on the Future of Europe earlier this year , oulining 5 scenarios with the option of do ¨less¨in certain contem`plated areas that could lead to less EU action on health after 2020. Concern about the future of health following the release in March 2017 of the , which considers the option of reducing EU action on health after 2020.

These scenarios contemplate concerns and within the lead of the European Health Alliance and the European Patients´s Forum, several organisations have teamed up to express their concern in a letter to the European Comission President, Jean Claude Juncker.



The EFPC is a member of the EPHA and is inviting its members to support this campaign in signing the petition and disseminating it within their network.


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