First meeting of the WHO Primary Health Care Advisory Group

This meeting took place on the 20–21 June in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The new WHO advisory group launched in Almaty to shape the future of primary health care (PHC)

The meeting seeked reflections and expert advice from its members to help define the conditions for PHC readiness, assess its current status and flag critical considerations that address the following questions. Is PHC ready for the future? and What must PHC look like in order to respond to the needs of the future?

The 2-day meeting was an opportunity to discuss European Framework for Action on Integrated Health Services Delivery  implementation across the WHO European Region, including new initiatives undertaken by the WHO European Centre for Primary Health Care in Almaty to accelerate advancement in countries. Delegates also exchanged lessons learned from integrated health services delivery initiatives.

IN addition in this meeting it was also discussed people centred approach. WHO newly-released “WHO people-centred care video”  represents a first attempt at distilling the language on “people-centred care” for the general public, as well as stakeholders working at other levels in the system.