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EFPC Statement on COVID-19

Statement on COVID-19 from the European Forum for Primary Care: Reducing the Impacts on Vulnerable Groups On behalf of its members and partnering institutions, and based on four focus groups and a two-part survey, the EFPC has prepared a statement on Covid-19. It is our intention that this statement [...]

Message from Nanterre

Dear colleague, We have been together with other members and friends of EFPC at our recent conference in Nanterre. We wish you could have been there in Nanterre because.... Best wishes, #EFPC2019 Nanterre conference delegates   We have been together [...]

11.07.2019 – EUPHA preconference: How to build bridges between public health and primary care in Europe?

A skill co-building pre-conference 20 November,2019 This skills co-building preconference aims to share experiences, findings and track solutions regarding the integration of public health and primary care through education and training of primary care and public health professionals [...]

17.05.2019 – EFPC Webinar How do I become a leader in primary care? Tuesday 11 June, 2019 @ 14.30 (Dutch time)

Primary care is significantly impacted by caring for increasingly complex populations. Effectively managing aging patients and chronic conditions requires that primary care professionals acquire new skills to build engaged teams in primary care to help “share the care.” [...]

21.02.2019 – EFPC Webinar Health inequalities among the migrant population: the cases of France, Turkey and Italy

Health and health care among migrants are relevant and controversial issues in Europe for many years. The number of people with migrant status living in Europe is growing rapidly. Despite international conventions and resolutions, many refugees and migrants lack [...]

EFPC 2019 Nanterre conference

Preparations for the 29/30 Sept - 1 Oct Nanterre conference are ongoing. #EFPC2019 The key-note speakers are identified: Sara Willems, Armin Fidler and Charlotte Marchandise The call for abstracts is closed after having received more than 125 abstracts! Thanks for all those interesting [...]

ORAMMA Project Final Event

ORAMMA Project Final Event Thursday 28th February,2019. 10.30-15.30 Maastricht University Campus (Brussels,Belgium) Free Registration The event will feature an overview of the project and its products, a report on the findings of the systematic review and training implementation, [...]

EFPC Webinar Imbalances in rural primary care: the risk of a primary care vacuum in the rural and remote areas (19 Nov @ 12.30 p.m. Dutch time)

EFPC Webinar: Imbalances in rural primary care: the risk of a primary care vacuum in rural and remote areas Rural and remote areas have an ageing population, with increasing health needs and a shrinking carrying capacity for community [...]



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