Launch meeting 28/29 March

The launch meeting of the PRIMORE project was held in Utrecht on March 28-29, 2019. Over forty participants from all over Europe and from multiple disciplines within primary care joined us in an unusual and inspiring setting at Einde Gooi and Naardermeer, small nature reserves in the Netherlands.

Among the goals for the meeting was to have the opportunity to meet one another in person to discuss the underlying objectives of the project as well as the ways forward to build up an interprofessional primary care research network.

After the launch: what next?

This launching meeting brought new and great ideas that will help the development of the project as well as to build up the network and besides participants were enthusiastic to use the PIE online platform as a toolkit to exchange Problems, Ideas, Experiences and exchange information among primary care researchers.

For the Mental Health theme two research questions were developed by Dineke Smit and colleagues.

  • First question is based on a practical level: what kind of tools is available to improve mental health in primary care?
  • The second research question is on a policy level: what kind of policy is needed to stimulate resilience and the ability to recover from mental problems? Both are available at PIE for your views!

For the Organisation of Primary Care eight questions were suggested which you can find on PIE but Mehmet Akman made an appeal on PIE for one specific and provide your agreement:


On vimeo we upload many recordings of the answers to the questions raised in the forest and at the boat. 


Question 1 on Healthy Aging
Healthy aging is at a crossroad of choices where to invest.
What are the preferred seven options for healthy aging at community level to invest?

Answer group A

Answer group B


Question 2 on Healthy Aging:
Healthy ageing is a result from an interplay between individual and community-based resources and capabilities (home, community, society) and needs a holistic and multi-professional approach.

How can such an approach be developed?
What are the barriers and facilitators of multi-professional teams in primary care to enhance healthy ageing?

Answer group A

Answer group B



Question 4 on Mental Health:
It is more and more accepted that people with mental health problems live in the community and not in residential services
How does a safe environment for mentally ill patients at community level look like?


Question 11 on Organisation of Primary Care

In order to connect Primary Care with Secondary care, social care and/or informal care we need to have systems introduced to facilitate these processes.
What has to be transferred between those care levels?
What are the priorities in order to integrate care levels?​

Answer group A

Answer group B

Question 13 General Question
We see more and more shortages in health care (pharmaceuticals, workforce, etc).
Who are going to suffer most from these shortages? How to overcome?