You&EFPC (Young Primary Care Experts)



EFPC Working Group for Young Primary Care Experts (You&EFPC) 



The EFPC Working Group for Young Primary Care Experts (You&EFPC) is a sub-committee of European Forum for Primary Care.


The main aims of the EFPC Working Group for Young Primary Care Experts are

  1. To represent young primary care experts in the EFPC
  2. To contribute to the EFPC working groups dedicated to specific sub-themes in relation to Primary Care such as Palliative Care, Mental Health, etc

The initial working group will function 1 year starting from the first meeting in January 2016. The activities of the group are

  1. To explore a clear role and way of involvement for young PC experts in the EFPC;
  2. To create a business model of the process and content of the integration of the young experts in the EFPC; and
  3. The implementation of the business model agreed with EFPC Executive Board

This business model has been prepared in June 2016 and has been presented to the Executive Board. Subsequently the final version has been presented at the General Assembly during the EFPC 2016 conference in Riga. The initial group consists of 6-7 members. Senior members of EFPC will be regularly consulted in order to review the progress and EFPC secretariat will provide assistance to the group. The working group meets monthly (mainly online) and requires 2 hours voluntary (unpaid) work on a weekly basis.

The participants of the working group will receive

  1. Certificate of participation; and 
  2. Access to interact with leading European Experts in Primary Care
  3. Access to the You&EFPC LinkedIn group

It is an honour and privilege to invite you to be a member of this working group to represent the young Primary Care students and professionals in your own sector. We look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,

Charlotte Hazewinkel and Suvi Ristolainen, co-founders of You&EFPC