The International Federation of Community Health Centres (IFCHC) is a global partnership of Community Health Centre associations and their members. The IFCHC works to expand access to CHCs as the optimal way of achieving the World Health Organization’s vision of primary health care for all. IFCHC is currently implementing a plan to collect and share experiences, stories, evidence and tools from Community Health Centres around the world, as well as seeking associations that represent CHCs. If this applies to you, the IFCH and the EFPC encourage you to answer the brief survey .The goal of this brief online survey (Deadline December 8) for staff and board members from Community Health Centres and CHC associations is to identify priority areas of focus for global knowledge-exchange.

If you are not certain if your organization is a “Community Health Centre (CHC)” please refer to the IFCHC definition of a CHC for more information on key characteristics of a Community Health Centre.


The EFPC also has a community health centers working group (CHC) ! Next CHC WG meeting scheduled for the #EFPC2018 Crete conference! Join us there to discuss the next phase of the EFPC Position Paper on the added value of Community Health Centres.

Link to the Survey

The survey runs until December 8, 2017.