Mando Watson and colleagues from Connecting Care for Children will share insights from a new way of working in the UK’s national health service. She says

‘We value the importance of building relationships between primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare professionals so that we can learn from one another and share information. Our approach involves patients and citizens as equal partners and helps us to work more cohesively and provide better care to our patients and their families.

The Child Health GP Hub model has been developed in North West London and is spreading across the UK.

After years of evolution, a model of care has been created where families and professionals work together to catalyse change: children are receiving earlier intervention and preventative care; complex care is being provided closer to home; hospital activity has fallen. And everyone is having more fun.

We will talk about the things that helped and the things that were difficult. We will share the design principles we value. And we will debate the measures that matter – and the ones that don’t’.

Here are some quotes:

Parent: ‘I hope it will continue like this – it’s much easier and more comfortable because I know all the people at the GP practice’

GP: ‘Best CPD [continuous professional development] I’ve ever had.’

Parent: ‘What I like the most is that the GP and I hear the plan together so I don’t have to go back and tell them. The game of Chinese Whispers is finally over. I am so pleased my practice has this service.’

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