• What do you want to change for a better mental health service in primary care?
  • What is, in your opinion, the most urgent problem related to mental healthcare?
  • Does the problem lie with the inequality of the model of care, or something else?
  • Where are the solutions?

Join the webinar about the European Forum for Primary Care (EFPC) Position Statement of Mental Health in Primary Care!

This is an important opportunity to influence the direction and priorities of policy and management of primary care mental health. The EFPC working group for mental health are now consulting on the final draft of the EFPC position statement and have decided that prior to publication, it would be much more influential if we consulted with and had feedback from as large a number of primary care experts from as broad a range of countries as possible. Dr Rene Keet is presenting the view of the European Community based Mental Health Service Providers (EUCOMS) Network and how our policy statement links with the work he is leading. Primore is supporting this consultation and the webinar will be interactive to ensure that we capture as many of your contributions as possible



The European Community Mental Health Service providers network (EuCoMS) is a network of practice, based upon a shared vision on community mental health. We share 6 principles that we regard as the foundation of community health care: human rights, public health, recovery, effectiveness, network and peer expertise. We support each other in building regional models of community mental health care. We see primary care as essential partner. In our consensus document we state: Primary care practices play a central role in the community mental health care model and provides care for people with a mental illness and their network.

EUCOMS connects community mental health services in Europe and beyond to learn from each other via biannual meetings and exchange. The next meeting of EUCOMS will be in Lille in June. The theme of that meeting will be human rights.

This vision of EUCOMS is described in the consensus document that you can download from their website

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