A new article is now available at the official journal of the EFPC Primary Health Care Research and Development.

The article: The establishment and functioning of the PRIMORE (European PRImary care MultiprOfessional REsearcher network) Project, states the need for multi professional comprehensive studies to better understand the relationship between design and provision of primary care and long-term care and health outcomes. The PRIMORE (PRImary care MultiprOfessional REsearcher network) project aims at bringing together researchers with different backgrounds and from a wide range of professional groups within the fields of primary care research and long-term care research to develop and share knowledge for the benefit of research on municipal health and care services, and eventually, the quality of municipal health and care in Europe. Main activities of the Project will be network development, capacity building, providing a platform where multiprofessional primary care research activities can take place and publishing position papers.

If you are interested in getting to know more about PRIMoRE, and join and interprofessional network of researchers. Don´t think twice and send a message to the EFPC Secretariat. We will provide you access to the online platform PIE, where several topics are being discussed at the moment. There you can express all your problems, ideas or experiences with a big network of researchers!