• Diverse healthcare environment – diversity in healthcare providers
  • Culturally competent workforce
  • Diversity in accessibility, collaboration and team work
  • Telemedicine
  • Diversity in Healthcare Personnel
  • Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Approach
  • Diversity in Patients
  • Vulnerable Patients’ Groups
  • Patient’s Life Experiences, Goals and Motives
  • Diverse Organisation of Work-Process
  • Non-Professional Partners in Healthcare
  • Innovative patient empowerment strategies
  • Primary care prevention programmes
  • One disease – different perspectives versus One patient – different approach
  • The primary care Dream-Team: experience from practice and future initiatives
  • Diversity in both sides: patients and doctor as partners
  • Patients empowerment
  • Multiculturalism in primary care
  • Comprehensive care – an integrated approach to healthcare
  • Quality in team work
  • Simulations in primary care
  • Mediation and communication in resolving misunderstanding between partners in primary health care
  • Prisoners’ health care
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