On the issue of “collateral damage” we are organizing two focus group discussions next week Wednesday 8 April in an online webinar format. First one at 12:30 CET and the second one at 19:00 CET.

The focus group discussions will be led by our Austrian colleagues from the University of Graz, Martin Sprenger and Sarah Burgmann. They have the objective to gather knowledge and data on what are the effects of all COVID19 measures on the health of non-COVID19 patients. This ranges from referral restrictions of hospitals, reduced availability of specialist (e.g. radiology), absence of therapists and social workers, physical distance between GPs and patients. Shut down measures are causing anxiety and have an impact on social life, increased problems for vulnerable groups like migrants, homeless, addicts, mentally ill persons, but also affect groups with special needs like pregnant women, babies, children with disability, elderly people, etc.

If you are a Primary Care professional with experience in this area, please join one of the Focus Groups and register now indicating which timeslot you want to attend: 12:30 CET or 19:00 CET

Register NOW!