During the 2012 Gothenburg Conference, an EFPC Working Group has been formed to start the discussion on how to shape a well-balanced care provision for people suffering mental health problems, knowing the risks for disease mongering and over-diagnosis. As the EFPC provides a multi-professional platform to discuss those issues from many different perspectives, this working group will make an attempt to give guidance to policymakers what are best options for the next decades to improve care provision and finally mental health outcomes.

In 2019 the EFPC Mental Health Working Group produced their statement:

“There is a need for a paradigm shift in mental health delivery. Primary Care has a central role to achieve this, being key to the development of comprehensive services and rooted in communities. These services offer local solutions in an integrated and coordinated way that enable access to prevention, early intervention, treatment, rehabilitation and recovery (WHO, 2018).

This will be achieved through placing people and their communities at the centre of design, implementation, delivery and evaluation of mental health services, systems and policies. Mental health must be managed in the community in a holistic, compassionate manner and requires support at a government level to achieve this.”

For a full text with 14 chapters, please check the EFPC statement- Mental Health.