The EFPC, as part of the PRIMORE (Primary Care Multi-Professional Researcher Network) project will be hosting a webinar examining Migration and Healthy Ageing – Perspectives from Users and Service Providers, next 26th June at 12:30h (CET). Facilitators: Kathy Ainul Møen (NORCE) & Frode Fadnes Jacobsen (Centre for Care research – Western Norway, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences)

The process of ageing for elderly migrants is often a complex and multi-dimensional process, which is shaped by a range of different factors. This webinar will deal with such complexity and make the arguments for an integrated, diversity-sensitive and interdisciplinary approach in service provision for elderly migrants.

Increasingly, the workforce in health and care service provision for the elderly in Norway and the EU are themselves migrants. During the webinar, we will explore the possible benefits and challenges related to an increasingly multicultural workforce in service provision.

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