Petition for the campaign 30by2030 goes live from the 15th of November

We call for major international donors to assign a part of their vertical (disease-oriented) categorical budgets, increasing to 30% by 2030, to strengthening horizontal Primary Health Care systems so that all diseases can be prevented and people treated in a comprehensive way. This puts into practice the WHA Resolution 62.12, urging member states “to encourage that vertical programs, including disease-specific programs, are developed, integrated and implemented in the context of integrated Primary Health Care”

Please sign the petition starting from the 15th of November!

Universal health coverage and primary health care: the 30by2030 campaign

To prevent most diseases and treat people in a holistic way, community-based primary healthcare systems need to be strengthened. Therefore WONCA, EFPC, AfroPHC, TUFH and others are launching the 30by2030 campaign in November 2020. These organizations call for international donors to assign 30% of their vertical top-down, disease-oriented budgets to strengthen integrated horizontal community-based primary health-care systems by 2030.

The COVID-19 pandemic has documented the role primary health-care teams play in preparedness to address the challenges of a new, rapidly spreading disease. Where primary health-care services (community screening and testing, case investigation with support for home-based isolation or quarantine, triage at primary-care facilities) were effective, there was less pressure on hospitals. Not all countries have been able to respond to the pandemic from an effective primary health-care system, which is why we advocate for the 30by2030campaign.