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Online conference starts on Sunday 5/9 18.00 pm till Tuesday 7/9 15.30 pm

Sunday 5/9

18.00 CET: Keynote Melitta Jakab (Head Of Office of the WHO European Center For Primary Health Care located in Almaty, Kazakhstan) about “The key Primary Health Care WHO priorities for the next biennial”

Her presentation will focus on the four flagship areas of the WHO Almaty unit on Primary Health Care and the long-term vision on the development of Primary Health Care in the European region including how the WHO Almaty unit on Primary Health Care sees its’ role to strengthen the future developments, to make sure that also vulnerable groups receive adequate primary and long-term care.

18:30 CET: Meet the keynoteMelitta Jakab

Monday 6/9* 

09:00 CET: KeynoteJorun Rugkåsa  (Professor at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, University of South-Eastern Norway) about “A sociological perspective on medicalisation: The case of mental illness and implications for care“.

Over the last decades, the remit of health services has expanded exponentially due to the ‘medicalisation’ of an increasing number of conditions. Focusing mainly on mental health, in this talk, Professor Jorun Rugkåsa reflects on the complex mechanisms behind such developments and how it might help, but also hinder services’ efforts to help patients.

09:30 CET: Meet the keynoteJorun Rugkåsa 

09:30 CET: Video session with practice examples on the Organisation of Primary Care

09:30 CET: Policy debate sessions on Interprofessional Collaboration, Positive Health and resiliance of PHC professionals

10:30 CET: Research workshops on Healthy Aging, Interprofessional Primary Care research, Vulnerable populations, Vaccination and the Organisation of Primary Care

17.00 CET: KeynoteMichael van den Berg (Policy analyst at Health Division OECD) about “The PaRIS-initiative: a joined effort to make the patients’ voice heard”

Are health systems truly delivering what people need? Often, we do not know. Health systems collect massive amounts of data on inputs, spending and activities but the outcomes achieved for patients and how they experience care are rarely measured in a systematic and rigorous way. Most of us agree that healthcare should put people and their needs at the centre, now it is time to walk the talk. More than 20 countries have joined OECD’s Patient Reported Indicator Surveys (PaRIS)-initiative; together with patients, providers, policy makers and academics PaRIS will address a major gap in knowledge and develops the first International Survey of People Living with Chronic Conditions.

18.00 – 19.30 CET: EFPC General Assembly

Tuesday 7/9* 

9.00 CET: KeynoteLaura Abbott (Doctorate in Health Research Senior Lecturer in Midwifery at University of Hertfordshire) about “Experiences of pregnancy in English prisons”.

Her presentation will focus on maternal health and care in prison and the implications for the primary care system. She will highlight the issues facing women, campaigning for the recommendations arising from her research to be actioned, meaning change on the ground for pregnant women and new mothers in prison.

09:30 CET: Meet the keynoteLaura Abbott 

09:30 CET: Policy debate sessions on the Organisation of Primary Care, Innovations in Primary Care and Greener Primary Care.

10:30 CET: Research workshops on Mental Health, the Organisation of Primary Care, Interprofessional Collaboration, Patient Experiences and nursing homes during COVID-19

*with two time-slots including 5 parallel sessions

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