Webinar “Participation of Patients and Communities in Primary Health Care”

The EFPC will be hosting a webinar on Participation of Patients and Communities in Primary Health Care, next 15 September, at 12h (CET), by Kerstin Hämel, Daniela Luisi, Ligia Giovanella and Marcus Heumann, from the School of Public Health, Bielefeld University 

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Background information:

The webinar aims to discuss the relevance and practices of patient and community participation in primary health care.


Participation in primary health care is seen as fundamental to provide people- and community-centered care. Primary health care professionals should enable the participation of individuals and communities and create spaces for empowerment and participation in health(care) related issues. In this workshop, we first reflect on concepts to strengthen user and community participation, their meanings, potentials as well as pitfalls. Afterwards, we present findings from two related studies:

  • The first spotlight draws on data from interviews with health professionals and project-coordinators on the involvement of communities in the context of Community Health Centres (Case della Salute) in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Activities and projects of community participation and empowerment will be illustrated and factors that promote or limit community participation and empowerment will be discussed.
  • The second spotlight is based on a qualitative interview study with primary health care nurses in Spain. It focuses the self-perceptions of the nurses in supporting the participation of people with chronic conditions in their own care. Impacts of these perceptions on approaches to support patients’ participation in nursing practice will be discussed.

The discussion will be opened by a commentary. Participants will be invited to discuss and critically reflect on participatory actions in primary health care in different settings and cultural contexts.

State of the art: This workshop addresses those interested in the research and design of participation in primary health care.

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