Webinar “European primary care” Dutch Health Council report from 2004; one of the starting points of the EFPC

With the presence of Prof Andre Knottnerus, previous Chair of the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy and chairing the Dutch health council which published the report European Primary Care, and former EFPC Executive Board member, Prof Peter Groenewegen, we are going to look into the question: what has been done with the number of recommendations of this 2004 report?

These recommendations were:

With the support of the European Commission, an international forum for primary care development throughout Europe should be created and given the remit of:

  • providing for the regular and systematic exchange of experiences and programs for innovation between patients, professionals, managers and policy-makers, and for stimulating the dissemination of best practices in primary care provision and policies;
  • offering consultation and support as appropriate to any country or area that has particular problems in developing a primary care system capable of serving its intended purpose;
  • designing a set of indicators for monitoring the development and quality of primary care throughout the European Union;
  • promoting and coordinating international comparative research referred to above.

Join the discussion and ask critical questions regarding the past but also the future perspectives of Primary Care in Europe!

Next 6 October, at 12:30h CET.

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