Webinar Strategic Task & Finish group: EFPC strategic 5 year plan for retaining and fostering membership and extra funding

The EFPC Strategic Task Group (Sally Kendall, Maria vd Muijsenbergh, Judith de Jong, Kate O’Donnell & Lorena Dini) has worked on a strategic approach for retaining and fostering membership and extra funding to ensure the sustainability of EFPC resulting in the draft EFPC strategic 5 year plan.

In order to identify what is needed, they approached a selection of the EFPC members regarding their view on the EFPC. A number of questions were asked to collect this information.

They concluded with proposing actions to be taken over the next 5 years to ensure the continuation and meaningful contribution to the greater good of the EFPC. Now we need to finish together with the EFPC membership and move towards shared activities. You are most welcome to share your inspiring ideas how to move forward!

Next 22 September, at 18h CET

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