Integrated Community Care: a new opportunity for Primary Care

Specific sub-themes:

  • Accessibility to care for all citizens
  • Social integration as driver for preventive care
  • Participation of citizens: how can we establish a dialogue with the citizens, so that they contribute to an integrated care model
  • How can we close the gap in access to health & care; how do we ensure that all people have access to affordable care
  • Link between population health and personal care; a person’s health cannot be seen in isolation but must be placed in the rich contextual web such as the socioeconomic circumstances and other health determinants
  • Health in all policies; how can different city departments (mobility, environment, urbanisation, health & care …) collaborate on preventive care

Background documentation:

Other themes of relevance:

  • Prison health
  • Healthy ageing
  • Mental health
  • Interprofessional primary care research
  • Interprofessional education
  • Ethics, equity and pandemics
  • Primary Care preparedness for future pandemics
  • Policy development in times of crisis
  • Integration of Public Health & Primary Care
  • Technology, digitalisation & big data in Primary Care
  • Medicines for the future including AMR & vaccines
  • Care for migrants & minorities in times of crisis
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