Global Public Health Week (GPHW)

Public Health Matters: Building the New Future

Day 3: Achieving Health Equity

Wednesday, 6 April

Striving for equity is one of the key issues of WHO as part of the Sustainable Development Goals and of the mission of the European Forum for Primary Care (EFPC): to achieve equity in health, and equitable access and quality of healthcare. Health inequity refers to differences in health that are not only unnecessary and avoidable but are also unfair and unjust. A strong Primary Care system, providing person-centred care, integrated with public health and social care, is known to significantly improve populations’ health and reduce inequity.

During the Covid -19 pandemic, however, we sometimes faced the dilemma of choosing between lives and Equity, as the measures to prevent Covid-19 infections affected worse the living circumstances as well as access to healthcare in people with low income. So, could we treat all our patients equally well in this challenging situation? What can we do in Public Health and Primary Care to achieve equity, also in these circumstances? What skills do professionals need, what conditions have to be met? How do local policies regarding the organization of care and payments influence equity? Where should we put our resources?

These questions we want to investigate with an online questionnaire and debate during an online World café on Equity on April6th at 14h CET, online.

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