EFPC Webinar: Slovenian model of community nursing – what is next?

January 26th 2023 | 13-14h CET

by Patricija Lunežnik  and Ingrid Čuš, RN

In the last few decades, the Slovenian community nursing model transited from the traditional home-based care model to modern, polyvalent community nursing. Community care is provided by community nurses and is adjusted to individuals’ psychosomatic needs, socio-economic conditions and health care issues. Preventive and curative care is provided for individuals, families or communities in their primary environments from the prenatal period to death. Community nurses are often in touch with people’s distress and problems, which demands effective care coordination within a multiprofessional team. Experiences show that people have more complex needs, which often exceed the program paid for by the insurance company. In Slovenia, we developed some important projects to fulfil the gap. Some of these projects were implemented in the healthcare system, but most weren’t, even though they showed great results. What did go wrong, and what is next?

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