Main theme: International Humanitarian Crises: What is the Role of Primary Care for International Social Cohesion?

Specific sub-themes:

  • Management of pandemics (especially COVID-19) and related health issues in primary care
  • Organization of primary care in times of pandemic, and other natural disasters
  • Primary care services for immigrants, refugees (issues about health personnel, language, communication, health services)
  • War and primary care
  • Accessibility to primary care during crises
  • Service delivery of primary care during crises
  • Health policy issues of primary care related to humanitarian crises
  • Collaboration of different stakeholders (mobility, environment, urbanization, health & care…) during the humanitarian crises
  • Patient and Public Involvement in care, research and service delivery with a focus on the meaningful engagement of underserved groups

In addition, we are looking for everything that adds to the further development and improvement of the Organisation of Primary Care in Europe, as well as from the practice, academic and policy-making perspective!

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