Victoria Yefymenko, newsletter editor

Today it’s 1 year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. On 24 February 2022 I was woken at around 5 am in my Kyiv apartment by the sounds of distant explosions, which marked the beginning of the war. On the next day I was awakened at around 4 am by a bright light and the sound of hundreds of glass fragments from blown out windows in my bedroom as a result of a missile strike that hit a neighbouring apartment building. Later on I was often woken by air raid sirens, after which I went to the shelter in a parking lot.

Nowadays I wake up in a peaceful countryside in the Netherlands to the sound of birds, and I am really grateful to all the people who helped me and my family. I hope that on 24 February 2024 I will again wake up in my Kyiv apartment in the secure post-war Ukraine and sounds of sirens will remain only in my memories about this war.

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