EFPC Webinar: “Interprofessional collaboration to tackle health inequities

The EFPC will be hosting a webinar on “Interprofessional collaboration to tackle health inequities”, next 30th of November, at 12h30 -13h30(CET), by Veerle Vyncke – EFPC advisory Board member, staff member of the Association of Community Health Centres (Brussels, Belgium) and academic consultant for the Department of Public Health and Primary Health Care at the University of Ghent, Belgium.

Veerle VynckeMore than 40 years ago, the Belgian law made possible that primary care nurses, general practitioners and physiotherapists would be paid through a full needs based capitation system. Since then, more than 220 primary care practices chose to operate under this mode of financing. The facilitation of interprofessional collaboration (not limited to the beforementionned disciplines) within primary care practices is one of the advantages of said financing system.

The Association of Community Health Centres joins 37 interdisciplinary primary care practices that are paid through a full needs based capitation system and are mostly located in socioeconomic vulnerable communities in Flanders and Brussels. This webinar will present a theoretical basis on health equity and interprofessional collaboration, but will mainly present experiences of primary care providers “from the field” on the ups and downs of interprofessional collaboration to care for vulnerable patient populations.

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