EFPC Webinar: “The Austrian dementia strategy | Living well with dementia – achievements and future developments

The EFPC will be hosting a new webinar on The Austrian dementia strategy “Living well with dementia” – achievements and future developments, next 4th of October, at 12:30-13:30h (CET) by Lisa Katharina Mayer and Martin Gessl from the Austrian National Public Health Institute (Gesundheit Österreich GmbH., GÖG), Department long-term care and healthcare professions.

The Austrian dementia strategy “Living well with dementia” was developed in 2015 on behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs in cooperation with all stakeholders as well as people with dementia, their families, and caregivers. With its 7 objectives and 21 recommendations, the strategy provides a common framework for targeted collaboration between the relevant representatives and decision-makers in the healthcare and social system. The webinar will give a brief overview on the Austrian Dementia Strategy, its objectives, and some examples of implemented actions and interventions. In addition, current topics such as post-diagnostic support, the elaboration of ethical and legal aspects for people with dementia and their families or the development of a dementia quality registry, which are coordinated by the Gesundheit Österreich GmbH (Austrian National Public Health Institute) will be presented – followed by a discussion and exchange of field experiences as well as the importance and role of primary.


Ing. Martin Gessl, MSc, MSc, Health Expert at Gesundheit Österreich GmbH. Martin has already been working in the health care sector for two decades and has completed master’s degrees in health care management as well as health and nursing science. Since 2022, he has been working at the Austrian National Public Health Institute as a health expert in the department for long-term care. His current focus is in the area of dementia strategy, more specifically in the conceptualization of a dementia quality registry. Another focus of his activities is on health workforce planning.

Lisa Katharina Mayer, BA, MA, MHC, Health Expert at Gesundheit Österreich GmbH. Lisa is a registered nurse with a double master’s degree in healthcare management along with a broad experience in various medical departments and healthcare sectors. Since 2020 she is working at the Austrian National Public Health Institute. As of January 2022, she has been a member as a junior health expert in the Department of Long-Term Care. Her current focus is on the Dementia strategy field, more specifically, post diagnostic support.  Moreover, she supports the implementation of the project’s community nursing and primary health care as well as the topics of health promotion and disease prevention.

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