Do you want to engage in WHO/Europe’s work on health and well-being? 

Do you or your organization want to shape and join WHO/Europe’s Youth4Health network?

 Then apply now! 

Youth4Health, a special initiative of the WHO Regional Director for Europe, is calling for youth organizations, organizations working in the youth space, Member State youth delegates, youth activists and youth parliamentarians to apply to become part of the Youth4Health network.

The Youth4Health network will be a platform for meaningful engagement with young people to ensure youth participation in all areas of work of WHO/Europe, to support the implementation of the European Programme of Work, 2020–2025 – “United Action for Better Health”.

The objectives of the Youth4Health network are to:

  1. highlight issues that affect youth;
  2. increase and strengthen engagement with young people in the WHO European Region to support WHO/Europe’s determination to leave no one behind;
  3. engage with young people by granting opportunities for them to provide direct input on key health and well-being issues and to contribute meaningfully to work related to WHO/Europe, including programmatic work, operations, events and participation in the WHO Regional Committee for Europe;
  4. strengthen networking and knowledge sharing among different stakeholders, including youth organizations, individuals and representatives working on different health topics across the Region, to facilitate and increase communication between the participants and other stakeholders; and
  5. communicate effectively about the work of WHO/Europe pertaining to youth, for example via social media, WHO/Europe’s website and newsletters.

How can you join the Youth4Health network? 

You are encouraged to:

  1. read the checklist that includes information about membership eligibility, application criteria and supporting documents;
  2. complete the online application form; and
  3. send supporting documents to

If you have any further queries, please contact