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EFPC Newsflash 10 | New chair EFPC & ExBo Vacancy, Extended Call for Abstracts, Vaccination efforts & investments, EU Citizens’ platform, Long-term care in Germany & the Netherlands and more! READ MORE


Open Letters To: President of the 2021 G20 Summit & President of the 2021 G7 Summit


The COVID-19 pandemic is a global public health issue requiring a global solution with regional, national and local applicability. The extreme COVID-19 fatigue and uncertainty experienced by populations worldwide urgently requires both short-term and long-term practical solutions. The Coalition of Global Health, Primary Care and Social Work Professionals, created under the auspices of the [...]

Open Letters To: President of the 2021 G20 Summit & President of the 2021 G7 Summit2021-04-23T07:29:37+00:00



EFPC Newsflash 9 | Greener Primary Care approach by the European pharmacists, Primary Care in Armenia and Uzbekistan, Can French General Practitioners Be More Productive?, WHO Guidance on Primary Care in COVID era  and more! READ MORE




EFPC Newsflash 8 | Greener Primary Care, EU4Health programme, COVID-19 & The Role of Primary Care in Peru, Kenya, Pakistan, USA, Long COVID and Health Inequities: The Role of Primary Care and more! READ MORE


Greener Primary Care


Greener Primary Care By Pim de Graaf Does Primary Care have a big environmental footprint? Do we produce much waste and CO2 emissions? Do we use much energy, more than necessary? I suspect we have no data. There are data for the health system as a whole, though, as the Health care climate footprint [...]

Greener Primary Care2021-04-13T13:11:10+00:00



EFPC Newsflash 7 | EFPC WG on long/post-COVID, EFPC lunch webinar on Prison Health, Vaccine Equity Declaration, EMA & UNESCO calls, Teleconsultation in PC in Catalonia, Primary Care in Costa-Rica and more! READ MORE


Webinar Cases of Primary Care in closed settings/prisons | 07/04/21


EFPC lunch webinar: Prison Health Working Group 7 April 12.30 CET The EFPC will be hosting the Webinar "Cases of Primary Care in closed settings/prisons" next 7th of April, at 12:30h (CET). With the objective to collect obstacles in providing primary care in closed settings and released detainees;  next steps for improvement. [...]

Webinar Cases of Primary Care in closed settings/prisons | 07/04/212021-03-25T09:53:40+00:00



EFPC Newsflash 6 | EFPC Survey, confirmed key-notes Bergen conference, Vaccine equity statement, Mental Health Care at Community level, Medical professionalism and the impact of COVID-19 and more! READ MORE


WFPHA Press Release


WFPHA Press Release: Coalition of International NGOs Call for Equitable Access for Vaccines and Treatment during COVID-19 Pandemic Around the world, governments are struggling to find ways to work together and control the spread of COVID-19. The virus does not recognize national boundaries. Rather, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated long-standing health disparities between and [...]

WFPHA Press Release2021-03-04T09:10:23+00:00
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