Victoria Yefymenko, newsletter editor


Victoria Yefymenko, newsletter editor Today it’s 1 year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. On 24 February 2022 I was woken at around 5 am in my Kyiv apartment by the sounds of distant explosions, which marked the beginning of the war. On the next day I was awakened at around 4 am by a [...]

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COVID-19 has not disappeared


COVID-19 has not disappeared: the Ministry of Health of Ukraine informs about the incidence, mortality and new subvariants Anastasia Poya, Ukrayinska Pravda, 7 February 2023 The situation with Covid is stable. Now 12 subvariants of the COVID-19 Omicron strain are circulating in Ukraine. One of the latest cases was recorded in the Sumy region. [...]

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EFPC 2023 Conference Istanbul – themes


Themes Main theme: International Humanitarian Crises: What is the Role of Primary Care for International Social Cohesion? Besides this main theme, we are looking for everything that adds to the further development and improvement of the Organisation of Primary Care in Europe, as well as from the practice, academic and policy-making perspective! [...]

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EFPC 2023 Conference Istanbul- Call for Abstracts


Deadline: 1st May 2023 OPEN! Submit your abstract here! The conference content committee invites submissions of abstracts (in English language only) for presentations related to the scope and purpose of the conference and the Organisation of Primary Care in general. Please check the list of EFPC 2023 [...]

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