EFPC 2024 Conference Ljubljana – Premises & Accommodation


Venue The EFPC Conference will take place in Center Rog Trubarjeva cesta 72 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia Center Rog is a modern production space, designed for everyone who enjoys creating with their hands, regardless of their knowledge and age. The nine production labs, which are the heart of the house, provide a space [...]

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EFPC 2024 Conference Ljubljana – keynotes


First Keynote Speaker identified! Keynote Speakers Key-note: Value-based Primary Care! Zalika Klemenc Ketiš is a family medicine physician employed at the Ljubljana Community Health care Centre, where she also heads the Institute for Research and Development of Primary Care (IRROZ). She is also a full professor of family medicine at the [...]

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EFPC 2024 Conference Ljubljana – Call for Abstracts


Deadline: 1st of May 2024 OPEN! SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT HERE! The conference content committee invites submissions of abstracts (in English language only) for presentations related to the scope and purpose of the conference and the Organisation of Primary Care in general. Please check the list of EFPC 2024 [...]

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EFPC 2024 Conference Ljubljana – Themes


Themes Sustainability in Primary Care: from Awareness to Action Besides this main theme, we are looking for everything that adds to the further development and improvement of the Organization of Primary Care in Europe, as well as from the practice, academic and policy-making perspective! Specific sub-themes in relation to the main theme: [...]

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EFPC trainee vacancy


EFPC trainee Timeframe: starting to be discussed, at the latest beginning of April 2024, if possible earlier, ending on the 19th of September 2024 The EFPC will organize in close collaboration with the Ljubljana Community Health Centre the next 2024 EFPC conference in Ljubljana: " Sustainability in Primary Care: From Awareness to Action”. The [...]

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Column by Victoria Yefymenko


Column by Victoria Yefymenko, newsletter editor (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv) 07-01-24 Kyiv in the holiday season Two massive missile attacks marked this winter holiday season in Kyiv. The attack of December 29 became the deadliest, as 32 Kyiv residents died and 30 were injured. A day of mourning was declared on [...]

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