The last meeting of the CHC WG was in Nanterre,  September 2019 . An increase of interest was seen with Slovenian, Estonian, French and Scottish participants. 

The EFPC took the initiative for this European Community Health Centres Working Group.

The WG has two main objectives:

  • to strengthen the lobby for Community Oriented Primary Care at regional, national and European level
  • to stimulate the development of new national/regional associations of Community Oriented Primary Care services in Europe

A Position Paper on “Community Health Centres in Europe” will be developed by the partners. The first draft is written by the current chair, Dr Tonka Poplas Susic from Slovenia leading the largest Community Health Centre in Ljubljana and former WONCA Europe 5 star GP. At the Riga #EFPC2016 conference the first draft of the Position Paper has been discussed with EFPC members.

A Mapping exercise of the Community Health Centres: a map of all registered CHC’s in Europe can be found on the website of the International Federation of Community Health Centres (IFCHC).

During the Pisa 2010 EFPC conference, a first meeting was held. A report of this meeting was made.

The second meeting took place during the 2011 conference of the “Federation des Maisons Medicales” on March 18 & 19 in Brussels. A report was made by the host of the meeting, Dr Hubert Jamart (BE) of the Federation Maison Medical (FMM).

As a preparation for this Alliance meeting in Brussels, that acts as a working group under the guidance of the EFPC, it launched a survey among Community Oriented Primary Care services to make an inventarisation of the current state of the art and the expectations of future participants in the Alliance. A presentation based on the report was provided.

A third meeting took place during the 2011 EFPC conference in Graz, Austria on the 16 & 17 of September. Please have a look at the presentation of Dr. Hubert Jamart(BE) of the FMM and read the report of the meeting, prepared by Lies Vermeulen (BE) of VWGC.

A fourth meeting was organised during the 2012 EFPC conference in Gothenburg with mainly Belgian and Spanish members. After the fifth and sixth meetings in Istanbul and Barcelona, more members joined from Italy, Latvia and Portugal.