EFPC 2011 Conference | Integrating Public and Personal Health Care in a World on the Move: the European Primary Care perspective


Foreword from EFPC

A recent rapid increase in the number of member countries in both the European Union and the WHO European Region, and the growing need to understand more clearly the overall impact on health and public service systems of both the emergent new clinical approaches and service delivery models in contemporary primary health care is reason to provide European policy makers with a clear description on what is lacking in the integration of Public Health and Primary Care.

But also to characterize the possible policy options for the integration of Public Health and Primary Care and to delineate key implementation considerations when policy makers choose for the integration of Public Health and Primary Care.

While as organisations these range internationally from the small general medical practice to multi-specialist polyclinics to public health services with large health promotion programmes, all national health systems share similar pressures for change and development.

The EFPC conference in Graz on the 16th of September will be used to discuss the increasing emphasis on the role of primary care in identifying and managing health problems and to show good practices that can be found everywhere in Europe to integrate Public Health and Primary Care.

At the Graz conference examples from Sweden and hosting country Austria, will be presented. These examples will be underlined by high level key-note speeches from different European Universities and the OECD.

We hope to receive your contribution as well in this timely discussion on how to reach smooth integration of Public Health activities and Primary Care in Europe as an example to the rest of the world.

Conference: 16 September 2011

Graz (Austria)


Key-note Speakers

Ms Karin Reis-Klingspiegl – Styria Vitalis 

Ms Karin Reis-Klingspiegel studied at the Karl Franzens-Universität in Graz.

She has a Master in German Philology, and European Ethnology

Ms Karin Reis-Klingspiegel is now director of the Styrian Health Association (Styria vitalis) and has been since 2006

Between 1996 and 2006 she performed research in Health Promotion at the Institute of Social Medicine and Epidemiology, Medical University of Graz.

She also teached Health Promotion at the Medical University of Graz, FH JOANNEUM Bad Gleichenberg, FH Pinkafeld, FH Krems and the University of Salzburg

Prof. Manfred Maier – Austrian Society of GP’s 

Manfred Maier was born in Vienna in 1951 and started his clinical research activities as early as during his period of hospital training. In 1979 he entered the Medical School of Vienna University and completed a post-doctoral continuing training programme at Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA. Following his habilitation (i.e. acquisition of the degree to teach at university) in 1984 he became Head of the newly established “special university institution” for general medicine at the Vienna Medical School in 1990 and appointed the first University Professor for General Medicine in Austria in 2004. Since then, Professor Maier has headed the Department of General Medicine. With the foundation of the Medical University Vienna, Manfred Maier became Head of the new organisational unit Centre of Public Health (ZPH).

The Department of General Medicine is one of the ZPH’s seven departments. It is responsible for teaching and research in the subject area at the MUW and, in this work, cooperates with a network of some 100 university teaching practices of physicians for general medicine.

Ms Fiona Cook – lead of the innovative General Practice Unit at Faculty of Health, University of Plymouth

After graduating from the University of Bristol and completing her Nursing training Fiona Cook worked for several years in palliative care, then became a General Practice Nurse in 1989. She now has over twenty years of experience in primary health care. From an early stage she developed an interest in caring for patients with chronic lung disease and has been actively involved in iniatives to improve patient care pathways. She is currently Nurse Team leader and specialist respiratory nurse at Okehampton medical Centre, a large surgery on the edge of Dartmoor National Park in Devon. Fiona combines clinical practice with teaching medical and nursing students at the University of Plymouth where she leads the innovative General Practice Unit. As a representative on the Nursing subgroup of the Royal college of General Practitioners, Fiona is involved in work to formulate competency standards for the rapidly expanding role of the General Practice Nurse in the UK. She is a member of the new RCGP Foundation, The Royal college of Nursing and The Primary Care Respiratory Society.

Dr. Gerrard Abi-Aad – OECD

Dr. Gerrard Abi-Aad has a background as a public health analyst and information scientist. Before joining the OECD’s Employment, labour and social affairs division, where he works as a policy analyst leading

the division’s work on primary care, Gerrard worked in various research and public health roles

in the UK, including the King’s Fund Development Centre and the research and development

unit of the national regulator for health and social care.


Organising Commitee

Dr. Ilse Hellemann, Geschwinder,University of Graz

Diederik Aarendonk, Coordinator , European Forum for Primary Care

Anouk Faassen, Project assistant, European Forum for Primary Care