The EFPC vaccination WG operates in different networks.

Already for a long period it is involved in the Steering Group on Influenza Vaccination for increasing immunisation coverage across Europe.  This group has produced a Manifesto on Influenza Vaccination around the Influenza Awareness Day.

It also plays a role as an active public stakeholder on the approval and roll-out of COVID 19 vaccines in the EU initiated by the EMA (European Medicine Agency). This is based on the role the EFPC has as an official member of the EMA Health Care Professional Working Party. At the first meeting our chair Sally Kendall made a statement rtogether with UEMO representative Tiago Villanueva regarding the need to invest in the involvement of Priamry Care professionals in the vaccination strategies.

A third activity relates to the EU Vaccination Coalition for Health Care Professionals for which Board mebers Jan De Belie and Sally Kendall have an active role.

On the same topic the group attended the WHO consultation meeting on the 2030 European Regional Immunization Agenda Development. It established contacts with the WHO Euro colleagues on vaccination to organize a webinar for beter instruction of Primary Care professionals about the need for vaccination as vaccine hesitance is also present in the Primary Care workforce in Europe.

Finally it also operates in the group started by the WFPHA (World Federation of Public Health Associations). This group has gathered as a Coalition of International NGOs to call for Equitable access for vaccines and treatment during COVID-19 pandemic. Prof Christos Lionis represented the EFPC in the initial meetings.

The Working group exists of a small number of active EFPC members and seeks strengthening via the support of more interested members. If you are interested, please send a message to

Discussions on the theme are concentrated at the PIE platform which is a restricted platform for EFPC members. You can request access via the same mail address indicated above.