While older people in Europe are increasingly healthy and working into higher age, a substantial number of older adults will experience reduced functional ability significant parts of their lifetime, while others will experience intermittent reduced function and regain most of their capabilities. How could decision-makers, users and primary care staff work towards healthy ageing, meeting the needs of people in such different situations?  Healthy ageing, resulting from an interplay between individual and community-based resources and capabilities (home, community, society), needs for a holistic and multi-professional approach. If you share this concern, what are your thoughts and ideas? How can such an approach be developed? What drivers and barriers do you see for supporting healthy ageing in primary care?

Frode Fadnes Jacobsen as the WG leader and colleagues are seeking the input from other EFPC members for these and other questions.

In PIE a discussion on several of these question is already ongoing. Please have a look at the different opinions.

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