You can make your own new PIE to click on the icon “SHARE” or “Create Connected PIE” which will open a menu in which you have to choose between Problem, Idea or Experience · Now you will arrive at a next page which has two fields to be filled with text first: Title of your Problem/Idea/Experience and Explanation of your Problem/Idea/Experience · Subsequently you have choose closest topic to your Problem/Idea/Experience: by clicking on the icon “select” a menu will open with all the themes (bold) with the underlying topics; you might have scroll down to find the correct topic which you can select by clicking on the topic · By clicking in the field of Tag you can select some tags from the menu which is presented · In the field “links” you can add a URL which connects to a linked page and in the field “Attach file” a document can be uploaded · Finally by clicking on the icon “Create Problem/Idea/Experience” your PIE will published, to be found as the latest PIE submitted at the home-page but also by selecting the topic which will show you all other PIE’s submitted for this topic