The EFPC invites all members to join efforts in enhancing and bringing together Interprofessional education in European Primary Care.

The Ipe Working Group objectives are: 

  1. To act as a hub for IPE within primary care that others can approach for information and support.
  2. To advocate for the benefits of IPE within primary care with policymakers, universities and professional bodies.
  3. To undertake research and produce articles which consider the impact and implementation of IPE in primary care
  4.  To provide paid support (on behalf of EFPC) for areas seeking to develop or improve their IPE in primary care.

The Working Group is chaired by two EFPC Advisory Board members, Robin Miller and Peter Pype. Please contact the EFPC secretariat to connect with the WG.

Inter-professional education (IPE) can support professionals in developing their ability to work collaboratively. This position paper from the European Forum for Primary Care considers the design and implementation of IPE within primary care. This paper is based on workshops and is an evidence review of good practice. Enablers of IPE programmes are involving patients in the design and delivery, providing a holistic focus, focussing on practical actions, deploying multi-modal learning formats and activities, including more than two professions, evaluating formative and summative aspects, and encouraging team-based working. Guidance for the successful implementation of IPE is set out with examples from qualifying and continuing professional development programmes.