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EFPC Prison Health WG PP

The EFPC Prison Health Working Group has published a new Position Paper in the official EFPC Journal Primary Health Care Research & Development (PHCR&D): The health of detainees and the role of primary care: Position paper of [...]

#HealthyClimate Prescription

Global health community calls for climate action ahead of UN climate conference (COP26) to avert “biggest health threat facing humanity” WHO report calls for ambitious climate commitments as the only path to long-term recovery from pandemic Geneva, [...]

2021 General Assembly

EFPC 2021 General Assembly Date: Monday, 6 September 2021 Time: from 18.00h to 19.30h (CET) Place: online chaired by Prof Sally Kendall, Alessandro Mereu takes notes. Agenda: Opening Executive Board current composition and rotation grid (ExBo rotation [...]

Greener Primary Care

Greener Primary Care By Pim de Graaf Does Primary Care have a big environmental footprint? Do we produce much waste and CO2 emissions? Do we use much energy, more than necessary? I suspect we have no data. [...]



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