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Once you have login to the PIE platform, you will see the main feed of PIE shared by members. The word PIE is an acronym that stands for Problem, Idea, Experience.  You can read PIEs on the main feed. But also, you can click on the PIEs you are interested and see the attachments, links, comments, connected PIEs in details. There you can also add a comment or share a connected Problem, Idea or experience of yours.

What are the themes/topics?2020-12-04T10:45:51+00:00

There is a Theme, Topic and PIEs structure in the PIE platform. Platform managers create the Theme/ Topic structure and content for “Themes” and “Topics” provides orientation and guidance for users to share their PIEs. You can reach Themes at the top of the page and related Topics when you click on each Theme.  Under each Theme and Topic, you will see related PIEs as well.

How to share PIEs?2020-12-04T10:50:58+00:00

You can make your own new PIE to click on the icon “SHARE” or “Create Connected PIE” which will open a menu in which you have to choose between Problem, Idea or Experience · Now you will arrive at a next page which has two fields to be filled with text first: Title of your Problem/Idea/Experience and Explanation of your Problem/Idea/Experience · Subsequently you have choose closest topic to your Problem/Idea/Experience: by clicking on the icon “select” a menu will open with all the themes (bold) with the underlying topics; you might have scroll down to find the correct topic which you can select by clicking on the topic · By clicking in the field of Tag you can select some tags from the menu which is presented · In the field “links” you can add a URL which connects to a linked page and in the field “Attach file” a document can be uploaded · Finally by clicking on the icon “Create Problem/Idea/Experience” your PIE will published, to be found as the latest PIE submitted at the home-page but also by selecting the topic which will show you all other PIE’s submitted for this topic

What can you follow in the PIE platform?2020-12-04T10:47:01+00:00

Please follow the members who get your attention with their interactive contributions and contents… You will get site notification when these members share new PIEs. You can see your notifications when you click your avatar that is at the right top corner. You can also follow the themes and/or topics you are particularly interested in. You will get site notification when new PIEs are shared under the themes and/or topics that you follow.

How to use the “expert opinion” tool?2020-12-04T10:53:56+00:00

Some participants in the PIE platform already have an expert badge (roles and responsibilities). Expert participants can share some learning contents defined as Expert Opinions. You can access these contents under the themes and topics pages. You can also click the EXPERT OPINION tab and see all of them listed… Also, their badges will be shown on their personal PIEs.

What is the point you see in your profile avatar? How to gain those points?2020-12-04T10:48:00+00:00

Within the PIE platform, you will be able to get points based on your active participation and effective interaction with contents and other members. Visiting the platform, sharing your PIEs, adding comments to other PIEs, rating or following other members will create scores for you. Also, if your PIEs get attention among other members, such as being liked, commented, got connected PIEs, you get more scores… Thus, the more active users will be ranked higher in the leaderboard of PIE and get some advantages of being active and liked members. You can see your own point below your profile avatar, which is on the top right side.

Filter and sort tools2020-12-04T10:50:34+00:00

As an important feature of PIE all the content will be accessible all the time through smart search capabilities… You can click and see the PIEs of specific topics. Filter them with different options… You can choose to view only ideas, or problems, or experiences… Also, you can write your keywords in the search box and search entire content and get an immediate filtered collection…


Have fun and do not hesitate to ask support: info@euprimarycare.org

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Working Groups (WGs)

WGs are international and open to all EFPC members. One or more Executive Board or Advisory Board members are represented in a WG. WGs discusses specific topics/themes and produce statements or papers based on these discussions and other scientific and/or practise input.

The EFPC has different Working Groups on Primary Care sub-themes. Please, have a look at them here.

The WGs actively use the EFPC online platform PIE to exchange and discuss the topic/theme and ultimately publish their results in Primary Health Care Research & Development!

Publishing Primary Care 

The EFPC has its’ official journal: Primary Health Care Research & Development!

All PIE results can be published in the journal. Please check the following links for:

Creating Interprofessional Primary Care research with PIE


  • Effective channelling using >100 members’ knowledge, ideas and potential to create innovative tools and solve the community health problems
  • Breaking through organizational walls and facilitating communication & collaboration
  • Collecting ideas which respond to the current challenges of community health
  • Quick dissemination and implementation of new solutions &improvements
  • Discovering ∞ hidden talents and creating a community of innovators motivated to work creatively


  • Collect & arrange Problems
  • Boiling down new Ideas
  • Bake good practices (Experiences)

Personal touch:

  • Combine discussion &collaboration
  • Mixing with out of the box thinking
  • Art shake
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