Project Description


Blueprint alliance for a future hEalth Workforce stratEgy on digital and green skiLLs

Erasmus+ Project

Overall objectives

The BeWell project/movement, funded by the European Union aims to improve the skills of healthcare workers in Europe. It focuses on green and digital skills to address challenges like chronic diseases, changing demographics, and limited healthcare budgets.

The project involves collaboration among diverse healthcare stakeholders and will create training programs for healthcare professionals. It follows principles like patient-centeredness, collaboration, and sustainability.

The consortium consists of partners from 11 countries, ensuring diverse perspectives. It aligns with EU initiatives and aims to benefit the entire health ecosystem. Its impact includes improving healthcare workforce skills and integrating digital and green practices. Sustainability is ensured through integration at different levels and cooperation with stakeholders.

The project aims to empower the healthcare workforce to meet evolving needs and promote digital and sustainable healthcare practices.

The project has a duration of 48 months. It starts on 01.07.2022 and ends on 30.06.2026.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the BeWellEU website – a platform for all stakeholders to learn about the project progress and engage in developing the digital and green skills strategy & partnership for the health workforce of tomorrow

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union under Grant Agreement number 101056563.

EFPC role:

  • Developing a skills strategy
  • Sustainability and exploitation
  • Communication and dissemination

WP1: Project management and coordination (Lead: EHMA)

  • Responsible for overall project management and coordination – all partners

WP2: Developing skills intelligence

WP3: Developing skills strategy (Lead: EHMA) Develop a comprehensive strategy for the European health ecosystem to address skills shortages, prioritize actions, incorporate diverse perspectives through open consultation, and integrate the strategy across local, national, and European levels, informing future Pact for Skills alliances in the health sector.

T3.3 Validation of the skills strategy [Month10-M44] (EHMA) This task focuses on validating the skills strategy developed in Task 3.1 by leveraging the networks of the consortium partners.

EFPC role: Involve stakeholders during the development of the strategy, and support the validation consultation

WP4: Development of qualification matrices and assessment procedures

WP5: Development of curricula and training programmes

WP6: Piloting delivery and validation of training programmes and end-user performance

WP7: Quality assurance of curricula and training programmes

WP8: Sustainability and exploitation (Lead: EUREGHA) focuses on designing a sustainability and exploitation action plan to achieve the following:

Establish a collaborative partnership for healthcare workforce re- and upskilling, implement a governance structure, create mechanisms for ongoing project revision and dissemination, and analyse funding opportunities, including EU frameworks and private investments, while considering smart specialization strategies and partnerships.

T8.6 Exploitation plan [Month37-M47] focuses on the elaboration of an exploitation plan for the project. It aims to outline strategies and activities that will promote the exploitation of project results from the current phase until the end of the project and beyond.

EFPC role: At the end of the project, each partner will prepare an exploitation report. with details of the exploitation activities conducted during the project and outline future activities for sustainability purposes that will be carried out after the project’s granted period has ended.

WP9: Communication and dissemination (Lead: ECHAlliance)

  • Focuses on communication and dissemination of project outcomes
  • Facilitates multi-stakeholder connections in the digital health field
  • Coordinates the Digital Health Observatory and the Digital Health Society

T9.4 Development of publications [Month1-M48]

EFPC role: Disseminate publications, policy briefs, skills strategy versions, e-newsletters, articles, briefs produced, etc…

T9.5 Participation of consortium members to external events to disseminate the project results [Month6-M48]

EFPC role: participate at events and disseminate

T9.6 Organisation of a final conference in Brussels [Month47]

  • A concluding conference will be held in Brussels to summarize the consortium’s work and formally present the skills strategy, project outputs, online recognition tool, open educational resources, and new learning outcomes and qualifications in partner countries.

EFPC role: Presence at the conference

Download the 1st version of the BeWell skills strategy