Project Description


European PRImary care Multi-prOfessional Researcher network (PRIMORE)

Overall objectives
  • Exchange of research in Europe between the different professional groups and levels of care active in primary care
  • Development of interprofessional research on the organization of primary care with a focus on young researchers from CEE countries
  • Increase of interest and respect for each other’s profession among primary care professionals
  • A growing evidence base for Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC)

All activities will take place on an online platform. Are you an EFPC member or do you intend to join the EFPC and do you want to join the platform, please send a message to the EFPC secretariat in order to receive more information.

Project leader: Diederik Aarendonk
Research coördinators: Maria van den Muijsenbergh, Frode F. Jacobsen, Lorena Dini and Mehmet Akman.
Position Paper coördinators:

  • (A) “Healthy Aging, new concepts at community level”: Frode F. Jacobsen
  • (B) “Mental Health”: Jan De Lepeleire
  • (C) “Organization of Primary Care”: Mehmet Akman
  • (D) “Prison Health”: Anke van Dam
  • (E) “Migrant Health”: Maria van den Muijsenbergh
Online platform coördination: Sophie van den Abeele
  • An established and running network which is mature to continue its’ activities based on the input of members and partners from research, policy and practice, as part of the EFPC association
  • Research results are presented at international conferences and (scientific) journals and new interprofessional research projects have started
  • Five position papers have been written and published in Primary Health Care Research & Development
  • An online platform is running as the central exchange point for European interprofessional primary care research
  • A) Twenty webinars, B) two masterclasses and C) one final conference have been organized

The EFPC does this project in close collaboration with its members like the Centre for Care Research, the NORCE Norwegian Research Centre and the German PORT project members (Patient-Oriented Centers for Primary and Long-Term Care).

PRIMORE phase I started in the autumn of 2018 with funding from the Norwegian Research Council and is from spring 2022 continuing for another 5 years for PRIMORE phase II on the basis of funding from the Robert Bosch Stiftung.