Support4Resilience Support4Resilience (Strengthening resilience and mental wellbeing through the Support4Resilience toolbox for leaders in elderly care) European elderly care experiences labor shortages, lack of qualified workers and a mismatch between capacity and demands, causing stress, burnout, and reduced mental wellbeing among healthcare workers  and informal caregivers. [...]



RAPIDE RAPIDE (Regular and Unplanned Care Adaptive Dashboard for Cross-Border Emergencies) Overall objectives The project RAPIDE aims to enhance the resilience and flexibility of healthcare systems during cross-border health emergencies. When healthcare services are overwhelmed, regular care often gets neglected, leading to poor outcomes. RAPIDE focuses [...]



ONCODIR ONCODIR – Evidence-based Participatory Decision Making for Cancer Prevention through implementation research The ONCODIR project is tackling the rising issue of colorectal cancer (CRC), especially in lower-income populations. They’re using a multidisciplinary approach, including AI and social sciences, to develop personalized cancer prevention programs. [...]



BeWell Blueprint alliance for a future hEalth Workforce stratEgy on digital and green skiLLs Erasmus+ Project Overall objectives The BeWell project/movement, funded by the European Union aims to improve the skills of healthcare workers in Europe. It focuses on green and digital skills to [...]



coOPERATOR coOPERATOR Developing a Country-Observatory for sharing best practices for vaccination promotion Overall objectives The co-OPERATOR project addresses the complexity and diversity in Europe's vaccination landscape, focusing on population hesitancy and healthcare professionals' communication challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted obstacles, with tailored campaigns and healthcare [...]

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