RAPIDE Overall objectives The project RAPIDE aims to enhance the resilience and flexibility of healthcare systems during cross-border health emergencies. When healthcare services are overwhelmed, regular care often gets neglected, leading to poor outcomes. RAPIDE focuses on developing and validating tools that empower healthcare systems to [...]



PRIMORE European PRImary care Multi-prOfessional Researcher network (PRIMORE) Overall objectives Exchange of research in Europe between the different professional groups and levels of care active in primary care Development of interprofessional research on the organization of primary care with a focus on young researchers from [...]



ONCODIR ONCODIR – Evidence-based Participatory Decision Making for Cancer Prevention through implementation research The ONCODIR project is tackling the rising issue of colorectal cancer (CRC), especially in lower-income populations. They’re using a multidisciplinary approach, including AI and social sciences, to develop personalized cancer prevention programs. [...]



BeWell Blueprint alliance for a future hEalth Workforce stratEgy on digital and green skiLLs Erasmus+ Project Overall objectives The BeWell project/movement, funded by the European Union aims to improve the skills of healthcare workers in Europe. It focuses on green and digital skills to [...]



coOPERATOR coOPERATOR Developing a Country-Observatory for sharing best practices for vaccination promotion Overall objectives The co-OPERATOR project addresses the complexity and diversity in Europe's vaccination landscape, focusing on population hesitancy and healthcare professionals' communication challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted obstacles, with tailored campaigns and healthcare [...]

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