The European Forum for Primary Care was initiated in early 2005 by a group of interested parties from several countries. The aim of the Forum is to improve the health of the population by promoting strong Primary Care. This is done by advocating for Primary Care, by generating data and evidence on Primary Care and by exchanging information between its members. The Forum seeks to expand its membership and thereby to become a leading force for strengthening Primary Care in Europe.



The aim of the Forum is to connect the three groups of interested parties in the field of Primary Care: field practitioners, health policy makers, and the producers and evaluators of health care information. By linking policy practice and research the Forum intends to stimulate policymaking based on vision and evidence as much as it intends to support Primary Care practice, oriented towards quality and equity.

The Membership of the Forum is open to all organizations, institutions and individuals in Europe, which support the aim of the Forum and do not have commercial interests.

  • Opportunity to participate within the forum in discussions and to publish your articles and documentation on the Forum’s website
  • Regular e-mail newsletters on Primary Care developments
  • Information on conferences, meetings and other activities organized by the European Forum for Primary Care and its partners; reduced registration fees for several conferences
  • One to three free entrances for the EFPC conferences, depending on type of membership (see regulations for further details)
  • A chance to network and meet colleagues who have similar interests and concerns
  • Full access to member website via the members area
  • Individual 150 euro
  • Small institutional 385 euro
  • Medium institutional 770 euro
  • Large institutional 1320 euro
  • Premium member 2500 euro

Please note: The webmaster of the European Forum for Primary reserves the right to select and edit information that members offer for publication on the website.

For further information please contact:


Please read and agree to the statutes of the EFPC Association.

Please click here for the English version of the Deed of Formation of the European Forum for Primary Care.

Please click here for the Dutch version of the Deed of Formation of the European Forum for Primary Care.

Join the EFPC


Individual Membership:

150 euro  Individual membership (one vote & one address for the newsflash).

Institutional Memberships:

Small Institutional Membership
385 euro Basic institutional membership for institutes with less than 50 employees (two votes & four addresses for the newsflash).

Medium Institutional Membership
770 euro Institutional membership for medium sized institutions (50 – 100 employees); which includes one free entrance for a EFPC conference per year.

Large Institutional Membership
1320 euro Institutional membership for larger institutions (more than 100 employees)  which includes two free entrances for the EFPC conference.

Premium Membership:

2500 euro Premium membership Members who want to be included in the EFPC web-based list to form partnerships for EU research proposals (EFPC Working Group on Primary Care research) plus three free entrances for the EFPC conference, unlimited number of newsflash recipients, logo plus link on our home-page.

Members who register after the 1st of October will be charged 50 % of the fee for the current year.

Members from the WHO European Region low-income countries can do a request for a reduced membership fee. This is only valid for an individual and small institutional membership.


Premium members pay a higher financial contribution; we are most thankful for their highly needed support to the secretariat of the EFPC